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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nicholas and his Dad

Nicholas' team is UNDEFEATED yahoo.  His playoff and championship games are coming up.  His dad is able to come and watch him play on his last regular season game.  They won by a lot so Nicholas didn't get to play running back a lot but he played other positions.  He is doing so good, hopefully he will be able to put himself through college.  He was recruited by University Football to play in a tournament for Utah Highlanders. They start November 26th can't wait to see how they do.   He is so excited and might be able to go play at the Alamo Dome in Texas.  He has a great talent that the Lord has blessed him with.  Hopefully he says healthy and keeps in shape.  Way to Go Nicholas!

Another Broken Bone

Well Thursday was a crazy day.
1.  Take Skyler to school at 7:10
2.  Come home @ 7:45 am take Nicholas, Sydney, McKenzie, Sage to school.
3.  8:00 get to work.
4.  8:30 clock out from work so I can go home and take Dylan and Jackson to school.
5. Get home at 8:35, Dylan had changed his mind and wants to ride Nicholas bike to school with his friends.  Jackson still wants me to take him.  I tell Dylan he can ride but make sure he locks it up.
6. Drop off Jackson and get back to work at 8:55.
9. Get a call from Three Falls Elementary telling me that Dylan has crashed on his bike on his way to school, some family scrapes him up off the road and brings him into the school. Melody thinks his arm is broken again.
10. Leave my work again and go pick up Dylan call Amy at IHC and make appointment for Dylan to be seen, head to IHC.  Get to IHC at 9:10 and I'm there tell 11:25.  X-ray's and such.
11.  Doctor says he thinks it's ok but he will call when Radiologist looks at it.
12.  Take Dylan to school all bandaged up.
 13.  Get a call from Amy a little later telling me they think it is broken again.
14.  Make Dylan find his old brace and get it on.
15.  Get a call from Doctor to tell me it is broken and needs a cast.
16.  Make an appointment for Monday to get cast on. 

Poop Dylan just got his previous cast off from his other two broken bones 2 weeks ago and here we go again.