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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blue and Gold Fiesta 2012

Holy Cow what a fun night we had at our yearly Blue and Gold Banquet.  Our Scout Leaders made it so much fun for the boys.  This year Helen Buist, Liz Wilson - and all the other scout leaders put on an amazing event.  They decorated it so cute and Helen made the cutest Pinata of a Boy Scout Hat.  The boys loved it.    At every Blue and Gold it is a tradition that the scouts bring a cake to show off and the leaders find some way to give or action them away.  This year there were ping pong balls along with candy inside the pinata.  When the pinata broke the boys had to run and find a ball and that number was the cake they had to get.  It worked out great.  Dylan decided he wanted his cake to be a Hershey's Chocolate Cake, since his favorite thing besides dirt is chocolate. ; )For Jackson's cake he decided he wanted his to be a skateboard.  I tried my best and decided to make a skateboard out of cookie dough first and then put in on top of the cake it turned out a lot better than I thought it would.  They did so good decorating it and making it look just like they wanted it to. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jackson's #9 Birthday Party

We had so much fun at Jackson's B-Day Party. We had more then a dozen crazy boys here running around having a great time. We had a human size Angry Bird game, The Maze Game with rope, Bike relay, and Dodge Ball. I was trying to cram it all into two hours. WHEW...we did it! Jackson and Kayson celebrate the exact Birthday so Grandma and Grandpa got them matching shirts and shorts. They thought they were so cool, and the best part about it was when we got to the family party Little Gus had the exact same shirt on. WE had to capture the moment of the 3 boys in their matching shirts. We have to thank Sydney for being the photographer she was a trooper trying to capture all the moments. Love you Jackson I have to say you are a blessing to our family. WE love every crazy thing about you.

Jackon and Kason the Birthday Boys

Jackson Designed his Angry Bird Cake

Syd our photographer

Getting the catapult ready for Angry Birds

Kason, Jackson and Gus

His Friends, Kevin, Luke Skyler, Judd, Brigham, Caleb, Mason, Corry, Dylan, Zebb, Tanner, Jackson and Nate

Thanks Dad for putting up 400 feet of string for our Maze!

Kason the other Birthay Boy... Going thru the Maze

Handsome Skyler trying to make it thru.

Dodge Ball!

Presents...Tanner Monk played a joke on him and got him an all a dollar Valentines bear, after he opened it he ran and got the real gift. It was so funny.

Birthday Boys with their matching shirts Grandma and Grandpa got them.

The bike race.

Jackson and Gus playing!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I was able to get off work and go help in Jackson and Dylan's classes for their Valentines Day Parties. I had so much fun wishing I was a stay at home mom well I should day Work at Home mom so I could go help more often. What a fun time we had.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

This year Valentines Day will NOT go down in history for being the most romantic day for me but we did do something fun on the Saturday before Valentines Day.  

Corry and I for the 2nd year in a row have been invited to a fun Valentines Day Party at Brandon and Jessica Adams house. Last year we won "Couple Of The Year 2011". : ) Well the first part of February Jessica called me to ask if we would take a picture of ourselves with the trophy we won last year to go on the invitations this year. ; ) Well we have Sydney be our Photographer and this is what she came up with. Good news for this year as well........ We WON "Couple Of The Year 2012" as well. It's so funny how we win all the tini boppers. hee hee hee We do have something special going on.

Some of the games we have played......  All girls hide behind a big blanket, boys have to choose our feet, hands etc., have to hold a orange on our necks while doing an obstacle course, answer a million questions kind of like the Newly Wed Game, play a round on the Wii to see who gets the highest points.  And of course there is always lots of great food and treats. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PineWood Derby

The awaited pinewood derby, didn't come soon enough for the boys. They were "reminding" Corry for weeks and they finally finished the task and their cars looked awesome. They both sketched up how they wanted to cut the wood and decided on the colors.
Getting the weight just right.

Jackson's detail work.

WINNERS! 1st - Judd Hirschi, 2nd - Zeb Hirschi, 3rd - Colton Heaton