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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Two of my kids dressed to impress the lady's today.  I thought they looked so cute so I had (made) them pose.  

Our Traditional Valentines Day Dinner!!!  Our first year with the Barney's it was fun.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Oliver

Baby Oliver was Born January 25th @ 6:06 pm.  7 pounds 6 oz and 20 inches long.  I was privileged to be there for his arrival.  Amy and Naomi were supposed to be there also but they were sick.  Emily didn't want us (Mom and I) at the Hospital to early so we went shopping in St. George and waited for the phone call.  We were going to make one more stop before just barging in on them because we couldn't wait anymore but I told mom I bet Oliver was waiting for Grandma to get there so he could come.  So Mom and I rushed to the Hospital and low and behold when we were driving into the parking lot we got a text from Kyle saying she was at an 8, we laughed and ran up to the room.  Emily was doing great, feeling good and being patient.  Kyle was relaxed and patient a lot different from when Gus was born.  The nurse came in a few times and said that Oliver needed to turn so his head was down.   When we heard this Kyle, Mom and I had a quick prayer without Emily knowing and I texted Amy and asked her to pray.  Well the Doctor came in and had her push and he didn't say anything about Oliver being wrong side up, so the prayers must have worked.   Well when she pushed he was there and told Emily to hold on while he got his gown and gloves on.  Two more pushed and Oliver was born.  It was a wonderful experience.  He is so dang cute. I'm so so grateful that I was able to be there for this miracle.  It's all so awesome!  Oliver Welcome to This Wonderful Family!! 

We all went over to see Olive and Wish Emily a Happy Happy Birthday!!!  

PineWood Derby BABY 2013

Oh we LOVE the PineWood Derby.  This year was a fun year,   Jackson made his a blue and orange machine and Dylan made his a green machine.  They both did very good.  They each got to race 7 times and I believe they each got 1st place  3 or 4 times and they got 2nd a few times.  We were proud of them.   Dylan was sad because this is his last year to participate.  He is getting old and moving on to the older scouts in July.  Dylan couldn't find his scout shirt and Jackson was awarded to move up to Weblos with Brother Trumbo.  They all love Brother Trumbo because he takes them all to get treats after Den Meetings on Wednesday. 

History Fair 2013

Dylan decided to participate in the History Fair this year and he decided to do it on Tractors!!!  He had a lot of fun learning about them and making his project. He did such a great job we were proud of him.