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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Is Here

I just have to say that we must be loved to see this beautiful sunset while we were fishing.

Ok the Stout family and the Kirby family have been fishing a great deal this month.  The boys have had so much fun catching fish with their fake worms at SandHollow. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer 2012

I have had a BUSY summer and I didn't MAKE the time to Blog, so here I am August 17th three days into the new school year thinking about my blog.  We had tons of fun.  I'll make the list.

June 1-2-3-4-  - Denver Trip for Nicholas football
June 8th - 9th - Helped with girls camp at the stake center. 
June 11th - 16th - Corry went on a scout camp out called Wood Badge.
June 16th - Dusty and Amanda were married.  (Beautiful Wedding)
June 17th - Colton had his farwell. - He did so good.
June 18th - 23rd - Skyler and Nicholas and Quinton went on a Scout camp to Kolob -
June 19th - Colton's setting apart for his mission went to Kolob and picked up Nick so he could come.
June 20th - Colton left for his mission to Texas Houston.
June 23rd- Trec fireside at the temple all day.  
June 23rd - Skyler's B-Day
June 29th - Skyler's Party
June 30th - Hall Family Reunion in Provo -
July 3rd - 7th - Trec - Walked 26 miles with our Stake Corry and I were Ma' and Pa' to 10 wonderful kids.  Wyoming Plains!
July 9th - Dylan's Birthday -
July 13th - Dylan's Party
July 14th - Went to Hairspray with Linda and Syd.
July 17th - Syd went to Grandma Merry's and we re-did her room (Michelle, Madi and I)
July 18th Syd came home to a new room.
July 20th - My great friend Angie Hall's wedding to Dave VanBallegooie. :)
July 21st - Took the kids to Wyoming to visit there mom for 2 weeks.
July 21st - Madi and Michelle and Rick did a room make over for Nicholas.
July 22nd- Had our Trec kids over for Sunday dinner.
July 23rd - Deorated our 24th of July Float
July 24th - Parade at 8:30 for Primary kids - "Building a Nation One Temple at a Time"
July 26th - Bunko at my house.
July 31st - Start Skyler's room for his bedroom makeover.
August 1st - Started Work
August 3rd - Last minute fix up for Skyler's room
August 3rd- Kids came home. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Grandpa's 2012

We went to go visit Grandpa for his Birthday and I had to take a picture at his awesome garden.  I will have a garden that looks that awesome someday.  I love love love to garden. 

Grandpa's 1st tomatoe.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

24th of July Fun 2012

Primary Float (Building a Nation One Temple at a Time)  That temple took forever to make!

Cute kids.


Gus and Emily and Kyle
Nicholas and Jackson

Caitlyn and Nicholas


Having fun with Grandma

Slashing into....Grandma!