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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Saturday 2012

Easter Saturday was such a fun day for our family! Linda, Lorry - Casey, Heather and Kids - Amy, Travis and Kids - Corry and I and our cute kids, We decided to take Grandma and Grandpa's 4-wheelers and have a picnic out to Little Creek. I love Little Creek I can remember going out when I was a little one with my family having picnic's and cutting down tree's for fire wood. I can still smell the pine and the oil from the chain saw. I love those memories. My mom and dad taught os how to work and enjoy what we were doing.

Easter Sunday 2012

Easter Sunday

We had so much fun on our annual tradition of going over to Grandma and Grandpa's after church for our Family Easter Egg Hunt.  All the kids 0-12 get to look for a specific color of Easter Eggs and the kids 12 - 18 get to ONE golden egg with a two-dollar bill inside.  Dusty has a tradition of bringing the Pinjata for the kids to kit and have fun with.  All of us bring food and we have a great time.

I Love me family!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012 Coloring Easter Eggs

Oh what fun we had on Easter weekend. It all started on Friday when I got a call from my sister Amy saying, "come over to mom's were going to "color some eggs"  So Skyler, Dylan, Jackson and I headed over to Grandma's.  We had tons of fun filling the easter eggs for our annual easter egg hunt for Sunday and the kids had fun coloring some Easter Eggs.  While we were there Jackson pulled out a lose tooth he had.  It was AWESOME!