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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pageant

We went to Mesa Arizona to watch the amazing Easter Pageant. (The Life of Christ) We left Friday morning and traveled the long road to finally arrive in Mesa at 3pm. When we got to the Temple grounds we were able to walk around and enjoy the beauty of the Mesa Temple for a few hours before the pageant started. The boys and I watched a movie on Christ and took a walk around the temple grounds taking pictures. At 8pm the show started and it was AMAZING. It had your attention from the opening scene to the last. The spirit was strong and you could feel the love in the air. One of my favorite memories was when Jackson had to go to the bathroom during the pageant. I was kinda mad because we had told them all to go BEFORE so we wouldn't miss anything. Well Jackson had to go and so I took him. The surprising thing was was he was running and pulling me along. We are missing it, we are missing it Hurray Hurray Hurray, he said. That was a proud moment for me. He wanted to watch it and he didn't want to miss it. I loved that moment!!!

P.S. Note to self..... bring umbrella's it's hot until the sun goes down, an umbrella would have been nice.

Shopping in Mesa!

After a swim on Saturday morning we decided to split the boys and girls up and go shopping. All the boys went to Dick's Sporting goods then the Mall and the girls went to the Mall and Old Navy. We had lots of fun trying on hats and sunglasses. I had Sydney try on some high heals, she didn't like them so much, we laughed at how hard they are to get on.

Mesa .....departing

Before we left to go home we took a picture to remember the day. We had a fun time in Mesa, I'm sure we will go again someday. We had to hurray home because Corry wanted to go to a concert in Vegas so we went the long way so we could drop him off at the House of Blues! We got there just in time 8:13, he missed the first band but was able to watch the main event! Then off we went, Home Sweet Home!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet "Stella"

Meet "Stella" Grandma and Grandpa Bradshaw's traveling house. It is the coolest house. They have upgraded it and remodeled and it is beautiful. It's a great way to travel, except when going on narrow roads with lots of turns.

They had to leave on Friday back to Albuquerque New Mexico they will be missed. One great thing about this trip.....they purchased a "beginner retirement house" in Mesquite for them to come up/down to for a Winter Vacations. Yahoo!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Early Easter

The kids have been counting down the days of their arrival and Grandma Merry and Grandpa Marc finally made it from Albuquerque New Mexico Saturday. They came in "Stella" their traveling home. (picture coming). What a fun time we have had Grandpa has been playing Basketball with Syd and Nicholas, (grandpa was a All State Center back in his prime). He helped the boys put together a bike from all the bikes not working in our yard. :) Grandma has been helping with dinners and homework and with self esteems. The kids love her, her positive way to help them and her calm personality, how wonderful it has been. Sunday we came home from church smelling potatoes and on the table were 7 Easter Bags full of surprises. The kids all got new clothes and candy. It was like Christmas..... that night they lay ed out there clothes for the next day with a smile on there faces.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Machine Pitch 2011

Baseball season has started and tonight was the first game. It was so fun, Dylan got two hits and so did Jackson. Corry was the coach and I think he needed a Dr. Pepper after the game. Way to go CUBS!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


"Settlers" the game is the new thing at our house. At any given day or hour you will see a card table in my living room with a game being played or on hold. If the kids have work to do they freeze the game and come back when everyone is home again to play. Caitlyn B. is another favorite who comes to try to win Corry. Corry thinks he can win anyone! We will see who wins tonight!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cousins in OrAnGe!

Gus came over to visit on Sunday and while the girls were busy doing some very important duties. Nicholas was able to do a little babysitting. They looked so cute in there matching shirts I had to take a picture!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hedges Day 2, 3 & 4

Day 2, they are looking pretty good. Two of the plants look a little weak but the rest look great.

This is day 3, we trimmed them yesterday and gave them more medicine, we were told to cut them way back but I just can't do it. I hate cutting off all the green, so I just trimmed them back a little so they were straight and hopefully they don't die on me. I love this instant hedge.

Day 4 Looking really good still!!!! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

SpRiNg hAs SpRunG

Oh the joys of Spring. You always know when it's spring because Dylan is outside digging a hole with his brothers and friends. That's what he does, dig a hole fill it up, dig a hole fill it up. He will someday work with dirt and dig. This is a special occasion because dad helped the boys build an underground hut...WOW it looks great. Even has a roof.

This is my favorite time of year. Everything starts to bloom and its beautiful, but most of all ITS TIME TO START THE GARDEN! There is nothing better than to till the earth and have the rich brown soil in your hands.

Last but not least. We transplanted some hedges that were at my mom's since I was a probably 10 or so. I can remember planting them. So they are only 30 years young almost. I couldn't let them die a painful death by fire. My mom didn't have me around to trim them anymore so she dug them out after 10 years of coaxing from her husband Mike. They were out of the ground for 24 hours so hopefully they can survive the shock. Thanks to Ray Ballard at Ballard's Nursery he gave me the tip to but some Vitamin B-1 on them and lots of water. I hope the survive, it was a lot of work but nothing is better than an instant hedge in your yard. Once again for me to trim!!!