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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Signs of Growth Spurt!

Dyan....."Mom I'm hungry"
I warm up two pieces of pizza. 
"Mom can I have a piece of toast with Jelly?"
"Mom can you make me a cheese quesadilla?"
"Mom can I also have a tuna fish sandwich?"

Let's see if he comes and asks me for anything else.

2 burritos!
1 apple and a bowl of cereal!  WOW

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Braces OFF!

Today was a great day, Nicholas was able to get his braces off after 2 years.  Look at that smile!




Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bowling & GR82B8

Jackson and Dylan had so much fun on Monday with the scouts.  They were able to go bowling, Dylan scored 2nd place with 105 and Jackson did good with 77.   I'm so grateful for good scout leaders and all the time and effort they put into these cute boys.

Steven Featherstone, Judd Hirschi, Jackson Stout, Ryan Stacey

Dylan Stout 2nd place winner!

Jackson Stout !

Judd Hirschi, Andrew Stout, Colton Heaton, Dylan Stout, Zeb Hirschi, Steven Featherstone, Kelly Moore, Judd Hirschi, Jackson Stout!

Our first "Great to be 8" as a new Primary Presidency. It was so much fun. I love my secretary and counselors so much. They are awesome!

We all decided to bring a dozen cupcakes, well JuneTonumaipea my 1st counselor said "I'm bringing egg rolls we love to eat".. (She is Samoan).  ; ) Let me just tell you they were the biggest hit.  So don't always go by looks or want everything to be cute...... food is always good! (I made cute red yellow and blue (primary colors)  pom poms from the ceiling)

We had a VIP wall with all the VIP kids that will be getting baptized this year.  Brenda Watson my cute secretary did this one.  She also made very cute pillow cases with the help of our dear friend Michelle Monk.  I wish I would have taken a picture of them. 

I decided to make a cute banner.

Sara Nay our 2nd counselor made the most amazing cup cakes ever.  Filled with Recces Pieces. YUMMY!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


What would we do without our friends, decided to take pictures of some of the friends that come around everyday. Here are a few we love so much!
Nicholas and Adam

Dylan, Jackson and Judd - helping in the yard.

Skyler, Luke, Mason, Corry and Olivia helping in the yard.

Jackson and Dylan making the Ginger Bread House.

Christmas AFTER Christmas

We were able to get the kids home on December 31st, we missed them so much while they were at Mom#1's.  Were one big family again, yeah!
Dylan was so excited to open all his gifts.


Skyler's face was priceless, he opened up his new phone and I was able to capture the moment.

Dylan got a metal detector, might as well be looking for gold when digging holes.

Sydney happy with her Kindle.

Skyler got his from his brother Nicholas. He loved it.

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Wright's

Amy, Dad, Fenella and me.