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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Denver Vacation

Nicholas was scouted out and invited to go to the FBU (Football University) camp. So we decided to make a vacation out of it and have some fun. This was such a fun experience for Nicholas, he was able to be coached by some retired NFL football players. My favorites were Cecil Martin, Marc Logan and Josh Scobey. They were some really awesome men that were good examples and wanted them to learn the game but let them know that it wasn't ALL about football. They were trying to teach them that the most important thing was to be good enough to get an education at a university so you can have a degree. They also taught about having values and goals. They told them to write them down and look at them daily. It was fun to listen to them talk and teach the boys. I loved it. We had fun as a family just being able to be together and not have any plans. Our life is so busy so it was so fun just being able to go and do whatever we wanted to do.

First thing we did GO SWIMMING!



Coach Ron Stratton giving Nicholas some advice.  He has been such a great coach for Nicholas since the 3rd grade.

So much fun!

The GANG waiting for it all to start.

Waiting.....for Nicholas practice to be over.

Doing some drills.

After practice!

After Practice!

Sydney and Dylan and Chuck A Rama

Dads favorite place, Chuck A Rama

Nicholas and Jackson having some fun at Chuck A Rama

Boys trying to be cool!

Our new friend Jacob from Oklahoma!

Josh Scoby, Nicholas and Marc Logan

Nicholas, Cecil Martin and Dad

Nicholas, Angel, Cole