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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christas 2011

Christmas Eve started out with one of our "Traditions" the kids being able to make their shirts that they will wear to bed.  This year we only have two kids because the other 3 went to see their other mom.  So Jackson and Nicholas started planning their shirts.  Nicholas decided on Kool-Aide Man, and Jackson decided on Captain America.  Dad went and bought some blue spray paint and Nichlas used markers.  We had a lot of fun then off we went to Grandma Wheelers for our evening of fun, food, and family.  We had a lot of fun and what to our surprise good ol Saint Nick came and it was a  hit.  Nicholas was "to big" to go get a picture with santa, but I'll get him next year.
This is their cool shirts they made, now were off to Grandma's house.


Jackson with Santa

The boys as sheperds and wise men getting ready for our nativity.

Santa and Mom

Jaskson, Kason and Santa

The Star


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Angels!

We have had the most wonderful things happen to us the past few days.  We have had Christmas Angels surprising us with lots of wonderful things.  I don't know who they are but if they could only be at our house to see the surprise looks and smiles on my kids face.  It's amazing how the Lord blesses our lives threw someone else. Whomever you are..... Thank you, Thank you, Thanks you!!!

Pair of NICE shoes for all the kids.
MEAT, CHEESE, AND ORANGES lots and lots.
An ENTIRE OUTFIT for all the kids.  It's like the first day of school, my kids had all their new clothes layed out and ready to wear today.
Sole Skate for Jackson
Gift Card for Nicholas
Shoes for Corry and I!

I don't know who you are but we are so thankful.  What a fun way to celebrate and feel loved.  We are doing this next year.  The kids will have so much fun, well so will I.  Merry Christmas


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pictures 2011

Ok so for Christmas each year it is a tradition in our family that we trade off each year on who gets who.  It has worked out really well, just trying to remember who you had last year is the biggest task.  This year Emily has me, yeah!!!!!  She decided to get one of her good friends to do a photo shoot for us.  After they were all done I had our Neighbor Burton do a little touch up on a few of the things that I didn't like (my gray hair was one of them but don't tell)  he did such a great job.  Here are a few of the pictures.  I was going to show the before and after but why would I want to show anyone my gray hair. 

This one is awesome!  Dallas asked us if we wanted any other pictures and Skyler said "YES, one by the white fence".  It turned out great.  Good Job Skyler
My Favorite!  Love my kids!


Well my two older children are busy little bee's playing sports.  Nicholas is busy playing football  and Sydney is beginning the journey of Basketball. It seems like I never see them anymore and I don't like that very much.  Here are some pictures of them, Nicholas at his City League All-Star game and Sydney at her first home game of the year. I was only able to get one photo of her because her coach was not there yet and I was able to interrupt there warm up practice.  hee hee hee, don't tell.   Oh I had to put in a picture of Nicholas at his first concert playing his new found love Guitar.  He did good I was really impressed.  ; )

Nicholas and Cole Stratton

My Afro Boy!

My Basketball Star and her sidekicks!

Oh the Joy of Music!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nicholas and his Dad

Nicholas' team is UNDEFEATED yahoo.  His playoff and championship games are coming up.  His dad is able to come and watch him play on his last regular season game.  They won by a lot so Nicholas didn't get to play running back a lot but he played other positions.  He is doing so good, hopefully he will be able to put himself through college.  He was recruited by University Football to play in a tournament for Utah Highlanders. They start November 26th can't wait to see how they do.   He is so excited and might be able to go play at the Alamo Dome in Texas.  He has a great talent that the Lord has blessed him with.  Hopefully he says healthy and keeps in shape.  Way to Go Nicholas!

Another Broken Bone

Well Thursday was a crazy day.
1.  Take Skyler to school at 7:10
2.  Come home @ 7:45 am take Nicholas, Sydney, McKenzie, Sage to school.
3.  8:00 get to work.
4.  8:30 clock out from work so I can go home and take Dylan and Jackson to school.
5. Get home at 8:35, Dylan had changed his mind and wants to ride Nicholas bike to school with his friends.  Jackson still wants me to take him.  I tell Dylan he can ride but make sure he locks it up.
6. Drop off Jackson and get back to work at 8:55.
9. Get a call from Three Falls Elementary telling me that Dylan has crashed on his bike on his way to school, some family scrapes him up off the road and brings him into the school. Melody thinks his arm is broken again.
10. Leave my work again and go pick up Dylan call Amy at IHC and make appointment for Dylan to be seen, head to IHC.  Get to IHC at 9:10 and I'm there tell 11:25.  X-ray's and such.
11.  Doctor says he thinks it's ok but he will call when Radiologist looks at it.
12.  Take Dylan to school all bandaged up.
 13.  Get a call from Amy a little later telling me they think it is broken again.
14.  Make Dylan find his old brace and get it on.
15.  Get a call from Doctor to tell me it is broken and needs a cast.
16.  Make an appointment for Monday to get cast on. 

Poop Dylan just got his previous cast off from his other two broken bones 2 weeks ago and here we go again.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

My mom put rollers in my hair so I would have ringlets for my Little Bo Peep costume.  Let's just say it was a very VERY long night.  I don't know how I did it EVERY night when I was a kid.  Well I gues I had no choice.  Thanks MOM!
This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  That song has been in my head all day. 

Baby Boy 14 years OLD!

Nicholas turned 14 I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!  It seems like just a few years ago and he was learning how to walk and talk.  He was so spoiled but very cute.  He has grown into a very handsome young man who respects others, loves the Lord and wants the best for his family.  I love you Nicholas.

Friday, October 21, 2011

DiSnEyLaNd 2011

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Stratton we were able to go to Disneyland for Three Days as a family.  We had so much fun with Grandma, Grandpa, Casey, Heather, Jaida, Caleb, Becham, Amy, Travis, Colton Caitlyn, Kinlee, Kason, and our 7.  Wow it was a hit.  We played and played and played.  My favorite ride has to Splash Mountain, but I also love, It's a Small World, well I guess I loved all of them.  The kids went on all the rides including "The Tour of Terror"  I still can't believe they all went on that ride.  I skipped out and enjoyed waiting for them.  I loved being with the family and enjoying the wonderful world of Disney. I had to giggle throughout the day because it is supposed to be the "Happiest Place on Earth" but everywhere you went kids were crying and parents were yelling.  I loved it.  Are last trip was right after we first got married, the kids were young and got tired.  This year the big kids were able to go off on there own with each other and meet us every three hours.  They LOVED the independence and I have to say it was fun for us to. ;).