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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

April May 2012

 I have come to the conclusion that May is almost as busy if not crazier than December. Holy Moly can I just say, Holy Moly. Dylan and Jackson played two sports this year at the same time. (NEVER) again I have to say. I have learned my lesson and now I'm a little bit smarter. Baseball and Soccer practices/games took up the entire week. Not including Nicholas' two sports baseball/basketball. Skyler started Piano in April and Sydney was my little social butterfly but thank goodness she was home to help out this month. Some other things that happened, I helped with Broadway Magic April 27th and 28th - now that was a lot of work but I worked with AWESOME ladies and we had tons of fun. Here are a few pictures... baseball.... mud football.... soccer..... Broadway.... moon.... syd's birthday.... hair cut.... 3rd grade talent show..Dylan got braces.. what woman want..... graduation baseball... graves...These are in RANDOM order!!!!  That is how my life is very RANDOM  at times!!! 
Sydney played the violin for Graduation.  So proud of her.

We had the Hirschi boys over for 4 days while Kristine and Mike were in Hawaii, the boys were so dirty so I told them to get there swim suits on were taking a swimming bath.  They had tons of fun.

Love this boy!
Our Birthday Girl #15 !!!!
Birthday Girl!!!!
Opening her presents!

She got a camera,!!!She has lost or broke the last two so third times the charm.  She wasn't expecting it so it was so much fun to see her open it.

Birthday Girl
Before the Hair Cut!

Very nervous.....his very long hair that he has grown out for one year is about to be NO MORE!.
WOW WOW that is what the barber kept saying!

1/2 way done!
Loving his new hair cut.

What Woman Want Expo with Angie Erickson.
Jackson has been asking me for a long time to take a picture of him holding the moon..  We tried it it turned out pretty good.
Jackson up to bat.

Dylan up to bat.

Corry was asked to UMP for a lot of the games.  He is just so dang cute!

UNDEFEATED OILERS TEAM! Thanks Coach Mike Hirschi, Richard Hirschi, Matt Hirschi you were the best coaches anyone could ever have.

Memorial Day, Jackson and why he is called Jackson!  
3rd Grade Talent Show.  The cutest thing ever.  Dylan and Jackson danced the square dance.  It was awesome!

Crazy friends Jackson, Caleb, Levi,

Jackson was loving that country music.

Look at him go.

Dylan is such a good dancer. He looked like he was having tons of fun.

Two of my friends at Graduation, it's only been 20 years from today that it was our turn.  1992 Babe!!!!  Oh man were getting old.  Alane (Shumway) Jones, me and Amberly (Gibson) Shearer.

Madi and I and her graduation, so proud of her.

Right after the hair cut Uncle Kyle called and said he wanted a picture with his new hair.  We pulled up to the church for Young Mens and there he was. 

Nicholas and Jayden Long doing "their" thing.
Nicholas finishing up a game.
Hirschi Girls watching their brothers. Bailey, Ally, Caitlyn I love those girls.
Dylan waiting to go bat.
Broadway Magic 2012 look how cute the decorations are.
Jackson waiting to go out.
Nicholas playing basketball.
Nicholas - Mudd Football, they had tons of fun, they played it for YM,YW.  Sydney and Skyler got in the shower before I got my camera out.
What a bunch of studs.
Skyer, he is so cute playing on the playground at the kids soccer game.
Dylan the best goalie around.
Skyler being his happy self.

Before Braces!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Fun

Last Monday evening for FHE we were invited to our friends Heidi and Jay's house for a barbeque. The kids started playing a game together while the adults sat and talked. I loved watching them have fun together.