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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Syd's #14 Birthday Bash

My oh so cute Neighbor Michell Monk helped me give Sydney a big party for her 14th birthday. I was getting home from work the week before her birthday and she asked what "WE" were going to do for her party. I told her I had plans to play a fun game of "Bunko" with her friends. Then she said let me help she came over with a pen and pencil and went to work. We had Sydney sit down and tell her all her favorite things. Wow it turned out to be sooooo much fun. She made the cutest cake ever. She asked what her favorite ice cream was and she said Napoleon so she made her the cutest Napoleon cake with brown and Pink poka dots. She made party favors for the girls, she had her daughter Madi (who is a photographer) take pictures of all the girls in my prom dresses and had them developed for them in frames before the party ended. What a night. I will forever be grateful for my cute neighbor for doing this amazing party for Syd. It will always be remembered.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sydney's Birthday

My sweet little daughter Sydney turned 14 on May 13th. I can still remember the first time I saw her. She had just turned 8 and was walking on the sidewalk by the baseball fields. She said to me "Ashlee lets go surprise my dad". She had a huge smile on her face. I'll never forget that wonderful day. That was 6 years ago and I can't believe it's been that long. She has grown into a beautiful young women. She has grown physically but her qualities, love and her spirituality surpassed what I would have wanted her to be. I often think of her spirit and I do believe that her spirit is older and wiser than mine. She is wise, she is thoughtful, she is aware, she is smart. I love her so much and I'm so grateful that the Lord has blessed me with her.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Garden

We finally had enough time to put in the garden on Saturday. We planted tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe and pumpkin. Then in my raised garden we have onions, beans, carrots and herbs. I can't wait to see how they do. Have I ever said I love to garden. Well I LOVE TO GARDEN.